An individual commitment to our rights and freedoms that unites us

The first step for those us asking questions and seeking answers in a time of unprecedented, unwarranted government encroachments on our rights and freedoms is mutual recognition to ward off despair. That was the impetus behind our decision in late 2021 to form and to create the small, symbolic tulip pin?, a silent statement of autonomy/conscience? and refusal to be shamed. Its companion, the brief Living Mission Statement, expresses our commitment as individuals to the rights and freedoms previously generally assumed but now pridefully violated. When world-renowned scientists, doctors, journalists, and media personalities are maligned and “cancelled” by complicit media, it is up to us, the grass-roots citizenry, to carry their message. We have now distributed over 17,000 tulip pins – plain, and with relevant messages, as atrocities continue and multiply - at meetings, rallies, and through the mail. As our numbers grow, we cannot be ignored. Wear a tulip.

The time is now.

Wear a Tulip.

Since the beginning of 2022, in response to unprecedented governmental overreach enabled by the declared pandemic, we have distributed over 17,000 tulip pins? – at rallies, meetings, to trucker convoys, and by mail request. To express your commitment to the rights and freedoms enumerated in the Living Mission Statement and openly violated be our governments and complicit media, wear a tulip.

Dignity in action

Dignity in words