About Us

A brief history:

Sophie Siebert and Leslie-Anne Goodall began Tulips4Freedom at the end of 2021, in response to

  • draconian, unwarranted actions and restrictions, damaging to mental and physical health and the economy

  • an emergency-authorized “vaccine” without proven efficacy or safety

  • censorship and selective reporting by all major news media

  • the vilification of dissent - people encouraged to marginalize and be critical of others

  • lost rights and freedoms and the enduring threat of worse to come

We were told that skepticism about the measures taken was rare, foolish, and anti-science. Though marginalized and silenced, we remained steadfast in our belief that science is open debate in the pursuit of knowledge, not a system of beliefs, a current consensus, or dogma, and that rights and freedoms are not privileges to be doled out.

The tulip button was envisioned as a silent message of conscience, supporting our Living Mission Statement, which would allow us to recognize one another and conquer despair.

Why a red tulip?

  • Love (red), hope and regeneration (spring), often seen in a mass (visualizing the success of large numbers).

  • This tulip for freedom has three peaks, sea (Atlantic) to sea (Pacific) to sea (Arctic), and mimics the three main peaks of our Maple Leaf.

  • The Netherlands gifted 100,000 tulips to Canada at the end of WW2 as a thank you for Canada’s part in their liberation and regained freedoms - ironically and poignantly appropriate when ours are now at stake (and the Netherlands’ commitment to them is questionable).

  • Coincidentally, our favourite flower (completely immaterial, of course).

Why a Living Mission Statement?

While the rights and freedoms briefly outlined in the Living Mission Statement are basic, permanent, and essential to a democracy, circumstances are not static, nor is the gravity of our situation, in our home country of Canada and around the world.

What happened next?

The tulips were greeted enthusiastically, beyond our dreams — 10,000 given out over a period of two months at large rallies, resulting in a small financial cushion derived from voluntary gifts, which we are still jealously guarding.

It was then we realized the power of the symbol as a vehicle for growth. Mutual recognition leads to growth – people power. No matter how compelling the words of the brave doctors, scientists, psychologists, and journalists who step out, their message of truth will be silenced and those courageous men and women will be made invisible, thanks to government and complicit media. No, that truth must be carried on the shoulders of a growing public.

Then a lull. People put their tulips in the drawer as mementos, hoping for the best.

And now…

We face grave threats and the serious consequences of unwise actions that, incredibly, continue. The “vaccines” have proven unsafe and ineffective, with catastrophic physical, emotional, and financial injuries – all of them ignored by our mass media. And we are told by unelected “elites” that in order to confront future threats of all kinds – medical, financial, environmental - we must continue to give up our rights and freedoms, and even our national sovereignty. They are intent on making our “old normal” a dim memory.

We will wear the tulip wherever we go and encourage others of like mind to do the same. We have heard numerous stories of lasting connections being made between people simply by seeing the tulip. The tulip commitment is not the answer, of course, but it is a significant part of the answer. It is an individual commitment to our rights and freedoms that unites us.

Our Tulip button are a quintessential element to our campaign. Stand with us and show your support. Wear a Tulip.

Check our links page for analysis of the Covid 19 pandemic and vaccine mandates.

Contact us. If you have ideas that could help us we would love to hear them. Action comes from people like you through a forum just like this.